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SikTh To Return?

Band's Facebook page confirms a reunion and new record will happen... at some point.

Posted Friday, 20 January 2012 in




SikThAccording to a recently started official Facebook page, it would appear that SikTh have every intention of putting out a new record, and a reunion will happen... just not yet.

For those with memories longer than ours, SikTh split in 2008, when their search for new vocalists ran dry. They left behind them two brutal and essential tech-metal albums ('03's 'The Tress Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something Wild' and '06's 'Death Of A Dead Day'), a plethora of EPs and a militantly dedicated fanbase that spanned the world.

On the page, the info section states: Here's our Official Facebook page. You can comment on SikTh related stuff here and link through to our new Official Merch store!!! We plan on putting selling loads of the original T-shirt designs and maybe some new ones..but for now it's just the one.

We've been away doing lots of stuff since the band split. Thankfully, we are all still good friends. Mikee is singing in a project called 'Primal Rock Rebellion' with Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden, Justin is a Record Producer, Pin is playing in new band Aliases, James is Tour managing/working with touring bands, the GREAT Loord is Playing session Drums and Teaching and Dan Weller is also a Record Producer - he has just recorded an Album with his new band.

And yes, theres un finished business. We will be back! We all feel a collective rage at the lack of uniqueness in Metal and feel we still offer something important. We are also confident that we haven't reached our 'St Anger' stage of losing all perspective yet . But a reunion won't happen for a while!

In the meantime, please keep spreading SikTh to your friends and listening to our music - Thats why we put so much effort into making it in the first place.


And in a more recent post, this:

More Merch has been ordered guys.. hoodies and girls skinny tee's. we will then look at getting some of the other designs up. btw, Calls for a reunion are amazing.. thanks... OF COURSE we want to... we've never said other wise. It will happen when the times right. There WILL be another SikTh record... and it will be our best... thats a PROMISE. It took us the best part of 2 years to complete the writing of DOADD so I guess you'll have to be patient. Besides, theres a bucket load of riffs that we wrote for album three still sat there - so we'll have a head start next time

So a new album WILL happen. That's a PROMISE. We're EXCITED. Are YOU?

Keep an eye on for further updates. In the meantime, here's a classic:

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