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Rock Sound Visits The Spider-Man Musical

We spend some time with Kill Hannah frontman Mat Devine as he rehearses for his role in the much talked about Spider-Man musical in New York!

Posted Thursday, 10 February 2011 in



Kill Hannah

Rock Sound Visits The Spider-Man Musical So, Kill Hannah frontman Mat Devine is currently in New York rehearsing for his part in the new Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. You know, the one with a score written by Bono and The Edge, the one that has cost millions and millions of dollars to produce and the one that is always in the news at the minute. We know, it's completely insane.

When the singer invited us down to the Foxwoods Theatre in New York to see a bit of life behind the scenes at the production we said absolutely and completely yes, grabbed the camera and headed out the door before he changed his mind.

A few things we learnt in Monsieur Devine's company that day:

1. New York rents are so brutal that he's been forced to sublet part of his head to a red creature,
2. He shares a dressing room with Peter Parker.
3. That guy gets his own specially made muscle suit.
4. Mat's vocal chords are in great shape these days. Proper specimens.
5. If we ever need make-up tips we know a man who can.

Check out the clip below to see inside Broadway's biggest production with Mat and for more on the show click here.

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