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Exclusive: Enter Shikari Announce Remix Records

Enter Shikari will be releasing two new discs containing remixes of the singles from latest album ‘Common Dreads’.

Posted Tuesday, 8 December 2009 in



Enter Shikari

Enter ShikariRock Sound can exclusively confirm that Enter Shikari are heading back to the dancefloor in Spring with two new discs containing remixes of the singles from latest album ‘Common Dreads’.

“We’ve got a different artist for each single from Hospital Records to do drum ‘n’ bass remixes so we’ll be releasing that as a 12’’,” explained frontman Rou. “Then we’re doing the same thing with (dubstep label) True Tiger who’ve done a dubstep remix of each single.”

The two discs will also include two brand new tracks, one currently known as ‘Tribalism’ and the other that has the temporary, working title ‘Thumper’. The former track is apparently influenced by hip-hop.

“I don’t want to say it’s hip-hop,” says Rou, “but it’s got a very specific slow groove to it.”

“‘Tribalism’ used to be called ‘Bitches & Money Till Death’," says drummer Rob. “But it got changed.”

The track also includes something close to a ‘rap’ but that’s not a term that Rou wants to use.

“I’d say spoken word,” he continues. “I’m not comfortable with being a rapper. I’m a bit too white for that! They’ve both got a very drum ‘n’ bass feel to them as well.”

Despite all this activity the band, who are currently on tour around Europe with The Prodigy, say that they won’t start writing a third album until the Summer. We can expect the follow-up to ‘Common Dreads’ some time in 2011.

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