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Enter Shikari Frontman Comments On PIAS Fire And UK Riots

Rou Reynolds describes the week's events as a 'sad kick in the teeth'.

Posted Friday, 12 August 2011 in



Enter Shikari

Enter ShikariEnter Shikari frontman Rou Reynolds has dropped us a line with his thoughts on the fire that engulfed the PIAS Distribution warehouse earlier this week.

The band's label Ambush Reality works with PIAS and the singer knows how negatively and directly this will impact the wider independent music industry.

Read his comments below on the fire alongside some wider commentary on the rioting that caused it:

"We're out on tour in the USA at the moment with an eight hour time difference and limited access to internet, so the news we've been getting has been a bit all over the place. It was a shock to wake up this morning to hear about what's happened to PIAS distribution warehouse. A lot of the UK's indie labels - including our own Ambush Reality label - had a majority of their
stock there, and now it's all gone up in flames. While the insurance may, in time, cover some of the losses, there'll be labels who rely on constant cashflow and might not be able to struggle through until their losses are covered.

Times are hard enough for indie labels and indie shops right now, this is another sad kick in the teeth for people who put their entire lives into keeping our musical landscape exciting with minimal budgets, who can ill afford this sort of setback. Closer to home, we suppose this means that 'Live From Planet Earth' release is a now a bit more of a limited edition than we thought (you have to laugh, or else you'll cry)!

We consider the people at PIAS our friends. Every one of them works hard for their labels, above and beyond the call of duty. This isn't a 'job' for them, this is their lives. We know they'll weather the storm, but our best wishes go to them during what must be a stressful time.

From a wider perspective, its really depressing to hear about what's going on back home. It's heartbreaking to see people's lives ruined by violence. We hope all our friends are keeping safe and out of harms way. Reading news reports, blog posts and Facebook/Twitter comments, it's hard to see how this will play out...but initial feelings are that it just helps to play into the right wing's hands. Having 'normal' people feeling scared in their own homes is ideal circumstances to impose further restrictions on civil liberties. It's easy for frightened and misinformed people to take the knee-jerk reaction the government would like them to...that this was just 'feral youth' on the rampage, and we should 'send in the army' and not flinch at the thought of turning rubber bullets on our own nation's children.

But that's too easy, and lets the governments of the past three decades off the hook for creating an environment where a lot of the country's youth are under-educated and made to feel like they're not part of society. There's absolutely no 'excuse' for violence and destroying innocent people's homes, businesses and communities... but unless we, as a society,
are able to discuss the REASONS for it, we're only going to find ourselves here again."

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