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Death Valley High Stream New Album ‘Positive Euth’

A full album stream from one of this month's Exposure bands. Smooth.

Posted Tuesday, 25 June 2013 in



Death Valley High

Death Valley HighDeath Valley High are releasing their new album 'Positive Euth' in a couple of weeks, and it's kind of awesome. You can listen to the whole thing below, via SoundCloud. Thanks, SoundCloud.

Rough and scuzzy and all kinds of noisy - like the best rock 'n' roll is, obviously - it's been on the stereo a fair few times since it landed in our inboxes a while back. It's released on July 08 via minusHEAD / Graviton, which is nice. You can read a whole bunch more about them in the new issue of Rock Sound magazine, which is onsale now. letlive. are on the cover, and they're sick. Right? Right. Anyway, back to DVH.

Go listen. But don't do that thing where you press play and then accidentally close the tab, because that shit sucks.

Photo credit: Jen Cash

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