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Five Things You Can Learn From Machine Head’s Robb Flynn

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Rock Sound 11 hours ago

In the new issue of Rock Sound, the Machine Head man dishes out his life lessons (and gives us a staggeringly honest look into his past). Here's what you could learn.

1. Sometimes, you have to be the tough guy (or girl) to make it through the day.
Robb's no stranger to dealing with hate, especially when it comes to the internet. He's had more than his fair share of trolls, flames, and insults hurled at him (or just about him into the digital ether), and if he's learned one thing from it all, it's that you can't focus on the negativity. "About once a year, it will get under your skin and you'll get all fucking pissed off about it," he tells us in the mag. "And then it will go away."

2. Fear is weakness. Fear nothing and nobody, and you'll be fine.
By his own admission, Robb Flynn used to be a drug dealer, and that profession can take you to dangerous places. While he doesn't advocate heading down that path, it did teach him a thing or two about the power of me. "I've had people wanting to kill me for six months," he admits. "Like, really out to fucking murder me. Do you think I was scared?" No, Mr Flynn, we don't. Sorry Mr Flynn.

3. It pays to break the mould.
Machine Head have reinvented the metal mould several times over but it hasn't always been an easy thing to do. "After our second album, I felt like we had really backed ourselves into a corner," he reveals, "but it allowed us to do something even bigger later on". Proof then, that the long game is worth playing.

4. Life begins whenever you want it to - don't worry about age.
At 46 years old, Robb Flynn is a self-confessed "old fart". And while he's in bed by 10.30pm most nights and spends more time being a father than headbanging, he's fine with how the passage of time has changed his routine. "I hope that I'm growing old gracefully, and I'm okay with ageing gracefully."

5. Strive to move foward, but never forget your roots.
Flynn grew up in the thrash scene, on bands like Metallica, Slayer, Exodus and Megadeth. As he remembers, those were bands who played heavy, played fast and lived dangerously for the sake of it; for the sake of one-upping everyone else. "I want to be the best guitar player, I want to be the best frontman, I want our songs to live forever," he affirms. So while everyone else might be interested in cashing the big cheques or playing the big stages, Flynn's still does it because of his thrash mentality.

For more of Robb Flynn's life lessons, have a read of the new issue of Rock Sound. You can download it, order a copy to your door or pick it up from UK stores today.

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