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The Blackout’s Sean Smith Picks His Top 7 Stand-Up Comedians

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Rock Sound 17 October at 15.28

The Blackout's Sean Smith is a big fan of all things comedy (you'll know this if you've read his My Obsession feature in RS193). But who really tickles him when it comes to stand-up comedy? Glad you asked...

"I have only known about Bill Burr for the last 6 months, I had heard his name mentioned a few times on comedy podcasts and decided to check him out on YouTube. Best. Decision. Ever! His style of comedy is a mixture of angst, stupidity and wit. He also appeared as one of Saul Goodman's henchmen in Breaking Bad. So now you know."

"Dave Chappelle is one of the funniest men alive! I dare you to try and sit through his stand-up shows and not won't be able to do it! ! He's so funny that Prince (the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince) used a picture of Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince on a single cover as an act of revenge for Dave doing a sketch about him."

"I went to the O2 in London to see Louis perform his stand-up show Oh My God. And he was brilliant! Louis' dark sense of comedy is utterly genius and he is probably at the very top of the game at the moment. He also writes, produces and directs his own his TV show called Louie. His observational, dark / black comedy has won him millions of fans around the world."

"Do I really need to type anything here? Before he became The Clumps, Eddie Murphy was the biggest thing in comedy. His shows RAW & Delirious are ALL TIME CLASSICS! Get them now!"

"Kevin is probably the biggest he's ever been as a comedian, right now. He's currently riding a wave of success with his stand-up shows selling out worldwide and his TV show Real House Husbands Of Hollywood" is just about to start a third season. You might have seen him in The 40-Year-Old Virgin or Think Like A Man."

"The only British comedian in my list. My first taste of Lee's comedy was on a Sunday afternoon in the cult spoof morning show This Morning With Richard And Not Judy in the early '90s, which he did with other British funny man Richard Herring. I remember being curled up in pain from laughing while watching it. His routine about Judas being the real saviour instead of Jesus (because if Judas hadn't betrayed Jesus he wouldn't have been caught and therefore he wouldn't have died for our sins) is absolute brilliance. Honestly, his dry, repetitive wit is next to none! See his views on Top Gear on YouTube to see an angry, funny liberal go mad!"

"Larry is the creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld, but Larry used to do stand-up comedy before writing Seinfeld. He once walked on stage, looked out at the crowd, decided they wouldn't like it, then said "nah" and walked off. Never scared to say how he feels, Larry David is a comedy genius."

Sean Smith tells Rock Sound all about his love of comedy in the latest issue of the magazine. Make sure you download it, order a copy or grab one from stores to read the full feature.

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