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8 Reasons It Really Doesn’t Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now

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Rock Sound 15 hours ago

It's been a big release week for them, but does it still suck to be in Four Year Strong? Errr NOPE. Here's why.

1) Because they’ve been killing it all Summer long at Warped Tour.

FYS are currently tearing North America a new one, and judging from the video for ‘Go Down In History’ they're doing pretty alright. Just look at the size of some of those circle pits!

2) Because even when things haven’t gone too well , they regret nothing.

Not everyone reacted well to the bands last album, ‘In Some Way, Shape Or Form’, but in our new issue, Dan O'Connor insists they stick by the decisions the band made:

 “When we wrote 'In Some Way, Shape Or Form' we really tried to simplify things, so that we could make the music more about the vocal melodies, make it a more unified song. We love the songs on that record, and one thing it really did was help us as songwriters.”

3) Because they’ve had themselves a bit of a rest, and now they’ve back with more energy than ever.

One listen to their new EP ‘Go Down In History’ confirms that the FYS dudes are back on fighting form. And Dan O’Connor tells us in the new issue that their time away from the stage has done them wonders:

“If anything, the break solidified the band. It gave us the opportunity to realise that we don’t have to be out there constantly, driving ourselves crazy. We can approach it from a more restrained perspective, where we can balance our home lives with our touring lives."

4) Because they’re not afraid to change up how things are done.

Most bands opt for a full-length album every few years but at the moment FYS are all about getting music out there as often as possible. 

Alan told us ‘We were thinking, ‘Why don’t we release less music, more often?’ You can put it out and keep people excited. We have a lot of music written and we plan on writing more, and maybe we will release an album if that’s what the fans want or that’s what the world calls for, but more than anything we just want to be releasing music”.

5) They have a cool pop-punk bromance with The Story So Far.

It'd seem Four Year Strong have a lot of love for the Californian quintent. 

And TSSF love 'em right back, they even all went to Walmart together. Look!

6) Because they're thoroughly decent dudes. 

Speaking of The Story So Far, remember THAT scuffle with a security guard at Warped Tour in Montreal that got the internet talking? Well Alan Day of FYS stepped in to help break up the fight. 

7) Because everyone loves their new EP. EVERYONE.

The band love it...

We reviewed it, and we love it.

And WWE STAR SETH ROLLINS loves it. Which is pretty awesome. 

8) Because for all the ups and down of late, they’re still going strong and it looks set to stay that way.

In the past few years they've parted ways with keyboardist Josh Lyford, a decision that the band said "was one of the most difficult things we've ever had to deal with', and they've admitted that at one point they "sure as hell did get sick of each other". But now? Dan O'Connor tells us:

"It comes down to the fact that being in this band and playing music is part of who I am. It's part of who we all are. Nothing's going to change that."

Nicely put, Alan. 

For more reasons as to why it doesn't suck to be in Four Year Strong, go download or find a copy of the new issue of Rock Sound.


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