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Rock Sound 12 November at 13.22

Empress bassist Alex Loring introduces the band’s cover of Pink Floyd classic ‘Breathe’, streaming exclusively on the site this week!


"We recorded our new single 'Perplexed Again' at the same time we did 'Left In Awe' and 'Nostalgia'. Those three tracks have been the backbone to our live shows and go down really well - especially when we played with Baroness.

Pink Floyd are a very important band to us. 'Breathe' is a really emotive song that we recorded as a b-side to the single, we felt we could cover it in our own way whilst still paying homage to the original. We wanted to put more sludge and stoner sounds into the track. It says a lot about the song that it can be adapted so heavily and still sound cool."

Go see the band at any of their forthcoming shows this month and take a look at for more details. The band's new single 'Perplexed Again' is released on November 26.

14 - YORK Fibbers
16 - LEEDS Packhorse
17 - GLASGOW Ivory Blacks
18 - KINGSTON The Peel
22 - NOTTINGHAM The Maze
27 - DONCASTER Leopard
28 - HULL Fruit
30 - LONDON Old Blue Last

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