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Stream The Rollicking New Album From Punk ‘N’ Rollers En Garde

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 5 hours ago

If you like your riffs big, your whiskey straight and your shows rowdy, you'll be into this lot.

That up there is En Garde. Who, you ask? Good question. Labelling themselves as "purveyors of foul-mouthed, boozy rock'n'roll with a certain je ne sais quoi since whenever we started," they're a Welsh outfit that have been around for ages but only really kicked into gear since 2013. Might have something to do with that guy on the far right being in another band. Who knows.

Anyway, their debut album is coming out next week and we've hooked up with the band to bring you a full stream ahead of its release. Give 'Weekenders' a spin below, and prepare to get rowdy.

Speaking of the album, the band have told us this:

"En Garde initially came together some seven or eight years ago in attempt to give music a good fucking hiding. But then reality, as it so often does, stood in the way. However, with its politics and motives still as relevant as ever, the band got back together in 2013 in order to make loud noises; to slur barely comprehensible lefty slogans; to hang out with each other again; to celebrate and rally against reality; to put smiles on faces and fists in the air; to bask in cliché and kitsch simultaneously; and lastly, to save rock and roll from its current beige existence. 

Weekenders has been a long time coming but we've enjoyed every minute of it. We hope you enjoy it too. 

These are our fucking heydays."


If you like what you hear, 'Weekenders' is released on January 31. Download it. Buy it. Bang your head.

To keep up with En Garde, head to their Facebook page or give 'em a follow on Twitter.

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