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Here’s Why We’re Stoked About The Used’s First Album Show

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Rock Sound about 7 hours ago

#RSPROMOTES: The Used. One album. Two nights. 

The Used will play two albums in full next year across four nights in the UK.

One of those is their classic self-titled album, and it's going to rule. Here's why.

1. Because self-titled-era The Used = chaos
Like this. *stagedives*

2. Because for just one night, we can go back to 2002
Seriously. That year was awesome. Bands like The Used were releasing albums like 'The Used', for a start.

Didn't experience it all first time around? These shows will be the next best thing.

3. Because Bert's mic-swinging is definitely, definitely going to be on point
Just check out 00:06 (and the rest of this mindblowing run through 'A Box Full Of Sharp Objects').

4. And pretty much every track on the album is a classic

5. Because The Used's shows are still so, so special
Just listen to Bert.

6. Because that album just rules
Listen to all 44 minutes, 28 seconds of goodness for yourself.

Into it? We're not surprised. You can catch the band play their debut in full at the following dates and grab tickets right here.


20 - LEEDS Academy (playing 'The Used' in full)
22 - LONDON Forum (playing 'The Used' in full)

...and bashing through 'In Love And Death' from front to back here:


21 - LEEDS Academy (playing 'In Love And Death' in full)

24 - LONDON Forum (playing 'In Love And Death' in full)

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