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Jesus Fucking Christ Is A Terrible Name (But His New Music Video Is Pretty Gnarly)

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Rock Sound 20 hours ago

Sorry about the language. But this is actually quite good.

That was a bit intense, wasn't it?

Jesus Fucking Christ is the moniker for Norweigan electropunk Remi Semshaug Langseth, and his new EP 'Homophobia Is Like Totally Gay' is being released on Gallows' Venn Records label in the UK next week. You can pre-order / buy it now from

Speaking of why he decided to go through such an ordeal for the 'Imma Gonna Kick U In Da Face' video, Remi has said:

"The first music video is always crucial. For most people it will be their first impression of the artist, and you really don’t want to give off the wrong vibe. In most cases (including this one) there’s no budget, no time, but all you need is that one good idea. And this was mine: what if someone kidnapped me, beat me up, threw me in the back of a van, hit me in the head with a gun, and drowned me in a toilet?"

Hope you enjoy it. I sure as hell didn’t. " 

Into it? You can catch Remi live a Nightmare Festival this weekend in Camden (Jesus Fucking Christ play The Stillery in Camden tomorrow at 4.30pm), or at Banquet Records in Kingston on November 03 for the vinyl release party.

Find out more on Jesus Fucking Christ from /

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