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Dani Winter-Bates Picks His Top 5 TV Cop Shows. Because Why Not?

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Rock Sound 12 hours ago

In the current issue of Rock Sound, the Bury Tomorrow chap tells us just how much he loves watching the long arm of the law do their business. But of all the cops shows in the world (and there are LOADS of 'em), these are Dani Winter-Bates favourites.

1. Highway Patrol
"This is an Australian-based program. It's a bit more action packed than the UK shows as guns are often involved. It's still going now which is awesome, but most the footage is a bit dated and old."

2. Police Camera Action!
"This was the original, this probably got me into the police shows thing. It's pretty dated now when they show re-runs but it's still pretty awesome to watch. It's amazing how much more brutal cops used to be."

3. World's Wildest Police Videos
"I love this program just purely for the humour side of it, it's narrated by a crazily over-the-top American guy who has probably some of the best video-related puns I've ever heard."

4. Motorway Cops
"The English version of its Aussie brother, it has a very similar set up. I like it because it's really pacey and fast. It gets to the action almost immediately without over doing the narrative."

5. UK Border Force
"This one is the ultimate in day time cop viewing! Obviously it's not car-related but the title says it all. It's a lot more modern and up to date than all the others as it's filmed annually. It's awesome to see the lengths that people go to get into the country."

And that's your evening sorted. You can more about DW-B's obsession in RS192. It's available to download digitally, order straight to your door, or pick up in UK stores. Not convinced? Here's a great big list of what else we've been up to this month. Cool?

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