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Rock Sound 161 Digital Compilation

Free Burn The Fleet album and a free download compilation with Rock Sound 161!

Posted Wednesday, 25 April 2012 in

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Rock Sound

So the new issue of Rock Sound is now on sale. For the full run-down of what's inside, head over here.

This month, as we're giving away Burn The Fleet's new album on the front of the mag, we're trialling something a little bit different with our regular compilation. Instead of giving away a 100% Volume CD on the cover of the mag as well, we're offering up the tracks we would have put on there as a completely free download.

Save time, save hassle, save the planet. Or something.

So without further ado, feast your eyes and ears on the Rock Sound 161 digital compilation using the Soundcloud player above. Featuring audible delights from the likes of Emmure, Torche, Twin Atlantic, Heart Of A Coward, Hot Water Music and more, we think you'll agree it's a solid and varied compilation.

Think this is a good idea? Or a terrible one? Let us know on Facebook, drop us a Tweet or send us an email. As a great man once said, WE'RE LISTENING.

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