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Band of the Week: Malevolence

Stream the new Malevolence album 'Reign Of Suffering' (due for release on November 11 via Siege Of Amida Records) on the Rock Sound site all week. #massivefilthyriffs

Posted Monday, 4 November 2013 in

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From the band: "Writing 'Reign Of Suffering' was tough, but we just about managed to combine all our favourite things about metal and hardcore into one solid record from old-school stuff like Metallica and Pantera to more recent influences like Oceano and Cruel Hand. We originally had three new tracks ('Serpents Chokehold', 'Condemned to Misery' and 'Reign of Suffering') which gave us a solid start, it took nearly three months to write the rest but when we heard the finished product for the first time it was all worth it.

We wanted to produce an album that keeps people interested all the way through but also something that was intense and good for people to move about to when we play live. We needed to create a powerful sound that was catchy and smooth but also something that shows our musicianship as a band.

Some of the biggest influences are Pantera for the fat groovy southern riffs, Lamb of God for the solid song structures, Hatebreed for the hard hitting chugs and Dying Fetus for the tempo changes and horrendous beatdowns! Enjoy the record!"

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