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Exclusive: The Menzingers - ‘Sculptors And Vandals’ (Acoustic)

Have a listen inside...

Posted Friday, 10 February 2012 in

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The Menzingers

You know who are a really good band? The Menzingers are a really good band. Their newest album 'On The Impossible Past' gets at least three spins a day in the Rock Sound office (read our review here), so we couldn't be more chuffed to be bringing you a new exclusive acoustic track from the Pennsylvanian four-piece. 'ave a listen!

The acoustic take of 'Sculptors And Vandals' was put to tape for an limited run of pre-orders, but they've all now but sold out. That's what we call a super exclusive, is what that is. Greg Barnett of the band explains:

"When Epitaph first approached us they asked for a couple acoustic demos that we were working on. Initially we thought we were doomed from the start because... Well we're not an acoustic band. Nervously, Tom and I recorded a couple new songs we were working on and thankfully they liked them and signed us. We continued to demo new songs acoustically and ended up with these jawns.

Basically, my brother preordered the newest The Mountain Goats record "All Eternals Deck" and while driving back to Lake Ariel one afternoon he told me how much we fucked up by not including acoustic demo tapes with our preorders like The Mountain Goats had done. Suddenly the lightbulb popped up above my head and I thought, holy shit we can steal their idea and release a tape with our acoustic demos too! So their "

In other 'Zingers news, the guys are hitting Kingston for a one-off date at Kingston's Fighting Cocks on May 05. Tickets are now available from the wonderful folk at Banquet Records:

Pre-order 'On The Impossible Past' over at or pick it up in stores and online from February 20.

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