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To get your band's album / EP reviewed in Rock Sound, PLEASE DO NOT SEND A CD AS WE DO NOT ACCEPT PHYSICAL PROMOS. Instead, send a download link to Gav Lloyd with all appropriate contact info (phone number / address / e-mail address / website) and we'll do our best to cover it, although we can't guarantee inclusion in Rock Sound. 

Please note: Being a monthly magazine, we tend to work eight to 10 weeks in advance of the magazine hitting the streets. So, for example, if your release comes out at the end of June, we would need a review copy by the end of April / start of May. If you have a specific enquiry about an album / EP, please send an email to: [email protected]. And as with reviews, DO NOT EMAIL MP3s TO ANYONE because we've all got really shitty computers, and every time a 7mb post-prog opus falls into an inbox we all have to stop working for 20 minutes and put another few quid in the meter.

Work Experience

We recently launched a new process for selecting Digital Internships at Rock Sound. Take a look at this link if you're interested in getting a month's work experience at Rock Sound's offices in East London.

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Please note: we do not accept music submitted by post. If you're looking for a review or new band feature, please see above.

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