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Whether it’s one of team Rock Sound commenting on the big news stories of the moment, or your favourite bands updating us on tour shenanigans, we’ve got all the voices and points of view that matter.

Fashionably Great: Our Picks From The New Impericon Range

Do you know what's great? Pay day! Pay day is absolutely superb. Do you 
know what's also great? The fact that thanks to the guys at Impericonwe're now able to buy all the best band merch AND streetwear from the same place. Battling your way through the high street on a Saturday afternoon is now a thing of the past, because you can shop til you drop from the comfort of your sofa! We've selected our favourite new items, and they're all available right now in the Impericon store

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Ben Crudgington
Ben Crudgington 30 January at 17.37

An Analysis Of The Blink-182 Saga: Who Holds The Power Now?

Rock Sound Digital Editor Andy Ritchie has been up all night keeping tabs on the events unfurling in the Blink-182 camp. Here’s what he makes of it all.

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Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 27 January at 10.59

How To Fix Your Broken Motionless In White Poster In Six Easy Steps

A few people have noticed there's a teeny, tiny error on the Motionless In White poster that comes with the new issue of Rock Sound. There was a production error, things got a little bit crazy, and somehow we managed to print 'Of Mice & Men' on the poster as well as the correct band name. We're really sorry about that, we truly are. But while we spend the rest of the month bowing our heads in shame, here's a handy guide on how you can fix it.

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Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 5 December at 13.57

SO what EXACTLY Could You Win If You Enter The Rock Sound Readers’ Poll 2014?

One person who votes in this year's Rock Sound Readers' Poll will win over £1,500-worth of shit-hot goodies. Here's a breakdown of the prizes...

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Rock Sound
Rock Sound 24 November at 15.53

Chris Motionless On Slipknot: “They Became A Huge Influence On Motionless In White”

The Motionless In White frontman tells us about his first exposure to Slipknot, and how they went from being a band he just didn't get, to one of his biggest influences.

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Rock Sound
Rock Sound 12 November at 13.57

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