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Whether it’s one of team Rock Sound commenting on the big news stories of the moment, or your favourite bands updating us on tour shenanigans, we’ve got all the voices and points of view that matter.

Shit We Want Right Now #7: New Clothes From SikSilk Clothing

Stil not managed to spend all of your money this summer? Get stocked up with Siksilk - they've got a bunch of new clothes in for autumn / winter 2014, and you can make big savings on other items, too. 

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Rock Sound
Rock Sound about 9 hours ago

7 Reasons To Subscribe To Rock Sound This Month

You know we have a magazine, right? We stuff 100 pages full of the best new music, the most comprehensive features and in-depth reviews every single month. So do yourself a favour and subscribe - we promise you'll never miss a thing!

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Rock Sound
Rock Sound 30 July at 12.43

Men Of Venn Part 4: Why Moose Blood Matter

Gallows / Venn Records man Stu Gili-Ross talks about his love for Moose Blood, why he picked them up for a single release on the label, and why they're now moving on to even bigger things...

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Rock Sound
Rock Sound 11 July at 12.39

Revisiting Records #4: The Distillers - Sing Sing Death House

Ex-The Ghost Of A Thousand dude Thomas Lacey has been kicking back with some classic records recently, and giving Rock Sound his thoughts on how they sound 10, 12, 15 years on. This month, he attacks The Distillers' breakthrough 2002 album 'Sing Sing Death House'. So Tom, how does it hold up in 2014?

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Thomas Lacey
Thomas Lacey 23 May at 15.54

Wade MacNeil: ‘We Started Venn Records Because We Wanted To Challenge Ourselves Creatively’

The Men Of Venn blog series continues today on the Rock Sound website as Gallows vocalist Wade MacNeil talks touring adventures.

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Rock Sound
Rock Sound 22 April at 16.50

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