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Paramore ‘Brand New Eyes’ - First Impressions

Rock Sound gets first listen to the new Paramore album...

Posted Monday, 27 July 2009 by Darren Taylor in


This morning Rock Sound was paid a visit by the lovely publicist for Paramore to give us the exclusive first play of their new album ‘Brand New Eyes’.

We gave the album a quick once over and then skipped back to listen to individual tracks - all while having the publicist’s beady eye watch us like a hawk to make sure we weren’t doing anything untoward - like recording the album (as if we would…)

Initial impressions then: it’s a massive step forward for the band. Tracks like touted second single ‘Brick By Boring Brick’, ‘Turn It Up’ and ‘Playing God’ are straight out of the Paramore mould – upbeat, sing-along anthemic choruses etc.

The album really comes into its own though on the stripped-down ballads. This is a band that are now older and wiser and it clearly shows. The hugely infectious, and possible third single, ‘Exception’ is going to massive. Hayley’s voice is stronger, the lyrics are better and dare we say the dreaded words ‘more mature’?

Again on penultimate track ‘Misguided Ghosts’, the instrumentation is kept to a bear minimum and the delicacy of Hayley’s vocals is clearly on show.

Closer ‘All I Want’ is simply storming. If Jesse Lacey had sung this song it would have easily ended up on the last Brand New album. A sure-fire hit if they decide to release it.

As we know, Paramore have been through plenty of turmoil. The pressures faced by such a young and successful band are enormous and they’ve come back with an album that’s full of optimism, more mature and definitely going bring them even greater success.

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