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  1. A Tribute To The Ultimate Warrior, by Nick Diener from The Swellers

    Posted Monday, 14 April 2014 at 12:24 by Rock Sound

    Pro Wrestling is fake. That's supposed to be the deterrent from watching and loving this often misunderstood art form. Do you watch movies? Do you realise that guy didn't ACTUALLY get shot? Do you realise that guy isn't ACTUALLY flying? Then why did you jump out of your seat? Why did you cry? Why did you cheer? It's all fake. When something is great enough or tells the story convincingly enough, we suspend our disbelief. Characters become heroes to millions. We get caught up in the drama of something that deep down, we knew was a work of fiction. One man suspended our disbelief from the moment we experienced his god-like voice and appearance. A man that lived with more intensity than ten men. His name was The Ultimate Warrior.

    Everything from his promos to his entrance were some of the most mind-boggling moments we had ever seen on television, even outside of professional wrestling. Half the time, we had no idea what he was saying, but he sold it so well that we were on his side. Who even knows if he knew what he was talking about. it didn't matter. This war-paint wearing superhuman from 'Parts Unknown' was going to get in the ring and destroy. It's argued that he wasn't the most skilled wrestler, but what he lacked in coordination he made up for in brute strength. The Gorilla Press Slam was not a move you could fake. All the other guys were on steroids and lifted weights all the time, too, but Warrior surpassed them all because he lived with more intensity. He was one of the last few bodybuilders who still moved very heavy weights. He never stopped being the Warrior, even outside of the ring.

    When Warrior passed, everyone had a story to tell or a memory to share. Even to those who haven't been captivated by professional wrestling all their lives, The Ultimate Warrior was an icon. They had the Ultimate Warrior stuffed Wrestling Buddy doll. They had heard rumuors that he'd died two times already and had been replaced. Some of my good friends got the chance to meet him and wrestle alongside him. What was talked about most, however, was the fact that he returned to the WWE for Wrestlemania weekend and was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. Such a great honour for such an important character. He seemed to have buried the hatchet with Vince McMahon and a new chapter in the WWE was about to begin. His speech at the Hall Of Fame induction ceremony, along with his promo cut at RAW the following Monday, seemed strangely ominous, but to us, maybe it was just Warrior being Warrior. We got off our seats. We cheered. We chanted. The next day, we lost Warrior. We cried. We remembered.

    We will live our lives with intensity. We will keep the spirit of The Ultimate Warrior alive in all of us!

  2. Revisiting Records #3: letlive. - ‘The Blackest Beautiful’

    Posted Thursday, 10 April 2014 at 15:14 by Thomas Lacey

    Tom's recent dissection of Coal Chamber's debut album was a delight, unfortunately this month he has pissed on our chips with his verdict on letlive.'s stunning effort 'The Blackest Beautiful'. We tried headlocks, nipple cripples, atomic wedgies and more but nothing would budge Mr Lacey from his view. Read his words below and, if we ever let him out of his windowless prison, he'll be back with another review soon.


    It's been difficult to ignore letlive. over the last twelve months; they've had an extraordinary career boost thanks to the universally positive response to their latest album, 'The Blackest Beautiful', a record that has appeared in every rock and metal rag's top albums of the year. In the eyes of the press it's also finally put to bed the nagging thought that the rest of the band act merely as a back-drop to frontman Jason Aalon Butler's increasingly flamboyant and chaotic stage antics. It's unanimous, letlive. are having 'a moment'.

    Well, far be it from me to piss on anyone's parade, but as the resident record snob in the RS team, I felt I deserved the opportunity to be thoroughly rude about rock's current golden boys and truth be told it was with a mischievous gleam in their eye that Rock Sound presented me with the record, almost as if they knew what was coming (how dare you Lacey, we knew nothing - litigation Ed).

    Starting at the beginning with, what is probably the wider public's introduction to the band, first single and album opener 'Banshee (Ghost Fame)', it's obvious that producers Kit Walters and Steven George have worked their socks off to dazzle the listener with as many bells and whistles as they can. It's a trick they continue throughout the rest of the 11 tracks, and it's gained the record comparisons to Refused ' Shape of Punk to come'. In part it's fair, both are highly laboured albums that take punk rock as a jumping off point then see how far that traditional template can be played with, but where SOPTC uses it's studio tricks to hammer home Refused's maximum-marxist schtick, letlive. seem happy to let it lay over their songs like a fat, jammy cake.

    This may be intentional of course, as 'The Blackest Beautiful' is a record about...well, what the fuck is it about anyway? Butler's lyrics have always been open to interpretation, but there is a damn good reason why the Glassjaw references come up over and over again. Daryl Palumbo often fell foul of acting too clever by half and Butler spends much of the album following the same mould. Once you've successfully waded through the thick, metaphorical custard the realisation hit's you like a rubber glove full of dogshit – it's the usual check list of Americas wrongs. All together now - racism, alienation, the Government, religion, celebrity and so on, all delivered without a hint of a solution or even any analysis beyond pointing at them with a trembling bottom lip.

    In “White Americas Beautiful Black Market”, the line ' with governments sucking the dicks of corporations', is less Gore Vidal and more Sean Penn's puppet doppelgänger from Team America, and most patronising of all is 'Younger', which takes as its subject matter the state of the commercial American church, delivered with all the insight of a 13 year old just discovering black nail polish. Somewhere, Tom Araya is slapping his forehead in embarrassment.

    It begs the question constantly, who exactly are letlive. trying to impress? Surely not the hardcore scene they originate from, there's one too many autotune moments and sugared choruses to inspire your average Emmure fan to look up from slowly counting their own fingers, but all this lofty ambition is surely going to be lost on the pop kids who just want to enjoy themselves and get wankered on Strongbow after school.

    Efforts to inject some fun into the proceedings go awry the second Butler utters his first ' Yo!', with all the authenticity of Alien fucking Ant Farm, and couple this with the crippling amount of theatrical 'laughs' that pepper the songs and it just scuppers the social-political angle the band are hoping to pull off. Perhaps if more time had been spent reading up on their chosen subjects rather than scanning the back of 'Bowling for Columbine' and hoping for the best we'd be in better shape.

    A shame then, for all the good intentions it feels like Blacked Beautiful is trapped in the departure lounge, ready to board the plane to greatness but stuck behind a sweaty, fat bloke at the gate who has just realised he dropped his passport in the hotel khazi.

    More from Mr Lacey next month (as we said, maybe!), go visit him at or in the meantime to see what he's doing. Hey, why not treat yourself and buy a print? Your wall deserves it.

  3. Shit We Want Right Now #3: New Sin Star Clothing

    Posted Wednesday, 9 April 2014 at 17:55 by Rock Sound




    Like what you see? Tees are £30 and vests are £25, grab yours from

  4. We Created An 80’s Inspired Quiz Show With The Defiled…Because Why Not!

    Posted Wednesday, 9 April 2014 at 16:05 by Rock Sound

    True friendship is a subject close to the hearts of Rock Sound and Jagermeister hence we have joined forces to quiz musicians on the deep and meaningful bond that exists between touring creative people. Sounds very serious right? Well it is, but that's not to say we can't have a bit of fun with it eh.

    Jagermeister tell us that It Runs Deep, but does a band's loyalty waver when the stage clothes stink, the hairspray runs out and the load out sucks. Watch, decide for yourself and let us know if we should make a shitload more of these videos.

    The band open the Main Stage at Sonisphere on July 04, find out more and get a copy of their latest album 'Daggers' at‎.

  5. Babymetal To Make UK Debut At Sonisphere This July

    Posted Tuesday, 8 April 2014 at 11:02 by Rock Sound

    Watch the below for an introduction to Babymetal (if you don't already know), the band that will be playing Bohemia on Sunday afternoon. Mark our words, the tent will be rammed.

    Individual day and weekend tickets for Sonisphere 2014 (also featuring Metallica, Iron Maiden and more) are on sale now at Extra acts confirming tomorrow!

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